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Chemical properties of silicon carbide heating elements in use

Silicon carbon rod is mainly composed of silicon carbide, and silicon carbide is made of artificial abrasive. Usually silicon carbide is divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide two kinds, green silicon carbide purity is a little higher. Silicon carbide properties are relatively stable, does not react with any acid, but at about 1300 degrees Celsius, can react with alkali and alkaline oxides. Silicon carbide in addition to the abrasive industry, in the electrical industry, the use of silicon carbide can conduct electricity, heat conduction, and the characteristics of long service life to produce silicon carbide heating element - silicon carbon rod, silicon carbon rod chemical properties are very similar to silicon carbide.

Antioxidant properties of silicon carbon rods

When heated with electricity, the temperature of silicon carbon rod will rise rapidly. Generally in air, when the temperature of the rod body reaches 800 degrees Celsius, the surface oxidation reaction begins to take place. As the temperature continues to rise to between 1000 and 1300 degrees Celsius, the hot part of the silicon rod reacts with air to produce carbon dioxide and silicon dioxide. The silica condenses on the surface of the rods, creating a dense protective film. When THE TEMPERATURE OF THE ROD BODY CONTINUES TO RISE TO 1550, THE THICKNESS OF THE PROTECTIVE LAYER WILL BECOME THICKER DUE TO THE CONTINUOUS production OF SILICA, which can isolate THE SILICON rod and air, forming an EFFECTIVE protection FOR THE ROD body. Which starts to slow down the oxidation rate of the silicon rod. However, the silica protective layer also has a certain melting point. If the rod body continues to heat up to more than 1600 degrees, the silica protective film will be destroyed due to the high temperature and fall off and other reactions, and then the oxidation rate of the silicon carbon rod will be improved again. In use should try to avoid the happening of this kind of situation, a reasonable design or construction of the industrial furnace, resistance furnace in the installation process of silicon carbide rod position, avoid using, because the local temperature is too high, or other electrical error, lead to the temperature of the silicon carbon rod is too high, and from a largely reduce the service life of the rod body.

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