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Application of silicon carbide electric heating element and MoSi₂ electric heating element (1) - electric furnace and flame furnace

Silicon carbide electric heat pipe and MoSi₂ heating element a new type of electric heating element, widely used in various types of modern electric type industrial kiln. Modern industrial kiln is produced on the basis of the development of modern industry, as a widely used thermal equipment, from the operation can be divided into continuous type and intermittent type, from the use of heat sources can be divided into flame type and electric type. Among them, the principle of electric kiln is to convert electric energy into heat energy by means of electric heating elements such as electric heating wire, silicon carbon rod and silicon molybdenum rod, and by means of heat conduction such as radiation, the temperature of products in the furnace will rise, and the sintering will be completed according to the predetermined sintering conditions. Electric furnace is widely used in various industries in recent years heating equipment, especially with the worldwide industrial environment in recent years in the energy industry, refractory industry, heating materials and automatic electrical control of the continuous progress, electric furnace has a rapid development.

Compared with flame kiln, electric kiln has the following characteristics:

First, from the point of view of the design steps of the kiln, the flame kiln depends on the combustion of fuel as the heat source, so the design of this kind of kiln needs to carry out the relevant calculation of fuel and combustion equipment; At the same time, due to the need to supply combustion-supporting air and discharge combustion products, relevant ventilation equipment should also be considered. For the electric kiln, the heating power required by the kiln should be calculated first according to the heating requirements and the internal size of the kiln, and the appropriate heating elements should be selected according to different heating temperatures (heating wire is the main one below 800 degrees, silicon carbon rod is the main one between 800 degrees and 1400 degrees, silicon molybdenum rod is the main one between 1400 degrees and 1800 degrees). After that, according to the space requirements of the furnace and the heating power allocated by a single heating element, the size and quantity of the heating element are determined. Finally, according to the calculated data, the power supply and control equipment are reasonably selected.

Second, from the point of view of operation and use, the temperature of the electric furnace is easy to control accurately, the structure is relatively small, so the firing quality of the product is better. Based on this advantage, has a higher requirement for burnt products industry, will be used for silicon carbide, silicon molybdenum rods or both match using electrothermal industrial kiln sintering for related products, such as all kinds of magnetic materials, glass products, industrial ceramic device and the current rapid development of lithium-ion battery anode materials are the sintering kiln, Most of them use silicon carbon rod and silicon molybdenum rod as heating source.

Third, from the perspective of cost, the affiliated electrical equipment of electric furnace is relatively complex, the price of high-quality refractory materials is relatively high, and the silicon carbon rod and silicon molybdenum rod as the heat source are also consumable goods. The electricity cost incurred by the operation of the furnace is relatively high, resulting in the relatively high use cost of electric furnace. Combined with the domestic many small factory production of silicon carbide and silicon molybdenum rods in the relatively cheap raw materials, production technology and equipment is relatively backward, product quality management is loose, silicon carbide heating tube and MoSi ₂ heating element used in frequent fracture and rapidly aging problems, further increases the cost of the related electric heating furnace.

Therefore, for industrial products that must be sintered in electric kilns, the choice of high quality control equipment, refractory materials and heating elements by electric furnace manufacturers and kiln using factories is an effective way to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and product quality. In the silicon carbide electric heating tube and MoSi₂ heating element research and development and production, China Henan Zhongyue electric heating element manufacturers for more than ten years of efforts and development, the silicon carbide electric heating tube and MoSi₂ heating element domestic few can reach the same quality products of international famous brands. Especially for relatively special heating and using environment, zhong electric heating element production team through the unique production technology and proprietary technology, its products to more than any other company's products have a more stable operation and long service life and can effectively avoid fracture from different parts of the heating element in use, using the current instability, And general problems such as rapid aging. At THE same time, the complete and efficient AFTER-sale technical service of Zhongyue electric heating element is also the basis and guarantee of long-term cooperation with customers

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