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How to judge the quality of silicon carbide rod

When we buy silicon carbide rods, in order not to affect the use of equipment, we need to test them to determine the advantages and disadvantages of silicon carbide rods. So how to detect it? Here are several feasible methods:

1. judge from the surface of silicon carbide rod:
From the material of silicon carbide rod, the equipment generally selects high-purity silicon carbide as raw material; Judging from the size and specification of the silicon carbide rod and the welded part of the interface; In the resistance measurement process of the heating part of the silicon carbide rod and the subsequent service life, we can compare the quality of the silicon carbide rod.2、Tested by instrument:
(1)Through detailed recording of ammeter data and temperature control meter output percentage. When the furnace temperature is stable at a certain temperature, if the rod is broken, the output percentage of the instrument will increase compared with the previous time period, and the current displayed by the ammeter will decrease.

(2)Compare the current value of two groups of silicon carbide rods inside and outside the same temperature zone and the percentage of instrument output. Under the same output percentage, the internal resistance current should be close to half of the external group current.

(3)Compare different temperature zones. When the temperature is the same, compare the output percentage and current value of the temperature control meter. Compare the internal resistance with the internal group, and compare the external group with the external group. When the temperature control meter outputs the same percentage, the current should be basically the same. Observe the furnace to see if there is a black ring. If there is an obvious black ring, it is more likely to break the rod.

The above is about the detection method of whether there is abnormality in silicon carbide rod. Through different test methods, we can judge more accurately. If conditions permit, the two methods can be used together. If problems are found during detection, they should be solved in time, and they should be repaired or replaced according to the actual situation to avoid affecting the progress of production.

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